The importance of following up - using CRM To win business

I've recently gone through the processes of buying a new property - private inspections, open homes etc. I was shocked after the process by the quality (or lack thereof) of follow up from most the real estate agents I had met. I believe if they'd been using CRM (or at least, using CRM correctly), things would've been a lot different.The agents were all told the same (truthful) story - I had finance pre-approved, cash in the bank for a deposit and was looking to buy in the next month. Without tooting my own horn - I was the perfect potential buyer. I thought that the agents I was dealing with would be doing whatever they could to win my business for their vendors. How wrong I was.Of the 12 real estate agents I spoke to or met with, only three followed me up appropriately as a "hot buyer". A further two called me up after our appointments - but that was the extent of their follow up with me. Of the remaining agents, three put me onto their weekly mailing lists and I haven't heard back from the others at all. The property that I most wanted to purchase was from one of the agents I have yet to hear back from - and I told him it was my favourite property from all the inspections I'd completed during the inspection.I ended up buying a property - not because it was my favourite - but because the agent's follow up was good, he had the right attitude and the property was a close second on my list.The moral of the story: Follow up your clients - it will win you business (and make you money!)Fortunately (for my story - not for the agents involved) none of the agents I dealt with use Rex's Real Estate Software.The Rex Real Estate CRM has been specifically designed to empower sales agents to provide the best level of service to their clients and buyers. None of the agents provided me with exceptional service, and knowing the systems they use, I can understand why they couldn't use their CRMs to do that.To me, exceptional service would have started with a "Thank you" SMS after the inspection, followed by a phone call to get my feedback on the property, a follow up email within a day that included other properties that matched my requirements, and a follow up phone call the following day. Agents using the Rex CRM are able to provide this level of service to buyers, and they can do so very easily in an automated, but personal manner. A number of different features within Rex allow real estate agents who use our CRM to properly service their buyers and get more sales!For more information on these features and how they allow you and your teams to provide exceptional service to your buyers, contact us for a complimentary webinar demonstration of Rex today! What are you waiting for?

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