Introduce Spoke to your vendors

Check out these resources to help you explain Spoke and the value of digital marketing to your sellers, make you look good and get more VPA.

A short explainer video

The easiest way to explain digital marketing is a short explainer video. You can showcase this at your next sales meeting.

In 2.5 minutes, we explain how targeted advertising across social media and the web works to sell a property faster, and for a better price.

How to use the explainer video?

You can play it on your laptop, tablet or phone at listing presentations or send it to a vendor.

Try it out at your next appointment, and let us know how it goes via

A simple explainer brochure

Meet Spoke - the simple and cost effective way to advertise your property

Tell your vendors how you’re going to get their property seen by tens of thousands of active and passive buyers in their local area, sell it faster and get them a higher sale price through Spoke.

A postcard

Great for sharing with sellers when you visit

How to use the postcard?

Just download the files by clicking on the image, and bring them to your listing presentations. You could even have them professionally printed.

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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