Choosing the right tech partner

Time to find the right tech partner...

There are a lot of options when it comes to database tools, automation tools, marketing platforms and communications. Plenty of tech providers promise to transform your business, triple your listings and turn your agents into unicorns. 

Our users tell us that Rex has pulled all this together into the perfect package for you – but we know that not every agency owner will choose us. So, here’s a list of things to consider before you sign the dotted line with any CRM...

Does it support integrations?

Your CRM should help your entire team – salespeople, admin, marketing managers, the IT department – work as efficiently as possible. That means it needs to be able to connect all the business tools your agency uses, whether that’s an accounting application, property data provider or contract generator. 

Think about the tools you use every day and make a list. It might include:

  • PriceFinder, so you can access live property data and records
  • CampaignTrack, to help you organise a signboard
  • Xero or accounting software
  • Homepass
  • REI Forms and Realworks or REINZ, for your contracts
  • ADLForms 

If your CRM doesn’t support integrations with the tools your team constantly uses, there will be double data entry, wasted clicks and a whole lot of time down the drain. 

On the other hand, if you choose a CRM with an open API, you have the option of building your own custom integrations.

Will your agents use it?

Do you want your agents to run open homes, take notes, and hand the physical notes off to an administrator for entering into the system? Or do you want your agents to be able to enter feedback into their mobile phone at the open home, and have that information sync to the CRM? 

And do you want your agents to be able to step through an automated workflow after a phone call, or ask their admin assistant to manually enter “did not pick up” against the contact record? 

If you choose a CRM your agents will want to use, your admin staff will be freed up for more dollar-productive activities. Watch a product demo to see whether the CRM you’re considering will actually free up time, or if it’s just another tech tool that will take your staff away from doing what they’re best at.  

Is the CRM quick and easy to navigate? 

Software today is all about delivering what we call an ‘intuitive’ interface. There is nothing worse than wandering aimlessly through screen after screen, trying to work out which button to click.

The CRM you choose must be designed with real estate in mind. 

Will it automate some of your daily tasks?

Salespeople are busy, but there’s plenty of tasks on the to-do list that can be automated with a bit of smart tech. Email management, creating follow-up tasks, surfacing information… there’s a better way to do all of these things. 

Your CRM should be able to tick tasks in your workflow off at exactly the right moment, so your agents can spend their time more effectively.

Do they have a local dedicated support team? 

While some agencies just want to go it alone, having someone that is available to understand your business process, solve your queries, show you new and improved ways of using the software and knowing just want to do when you accidentally hit the delete button is vital when you have a sale about close, or a listing agreement to get signed.

Will it help manage your listings?

In this day and age, your CRM should be your listing management tool as well. It should be able to upload your listings to real estate portals, generate your brochures, stock lists and open home lists. 

You should be able to manage your vendor paid advertising from within the system, record buyer feedback and generate vendor reports. It should also be able to generate contracts and track contract dates (deposit, finance, settlement dates, etc). 

Does it let you market through multiple mediums?

Your real estate CRM should be able to market to different groups of clients through multiple mediums: letters, emails, newsletters, brochures, and SMS. 

Will it work where you do?

The average agent spends 60-80% of their working day out of the office, so a mobile app is a must. 

Your agents should be able to run open homes, edit a contract, respond to enquiries and much more on their mobile phone. The CRM provider should be able to push improvements and updates to your mobile app – because why not? 4G is super fast. 

Does it have in-built performance measurement tools? 

The data stored in your CRM is only useful if you know how to read it. You should be able to easily drill down into won, lost, and pending deals to quickly see where the best leads are coming from - and where to focus your efforts. 

Will it give you complete oversight?

A CRM should give you a clear overview of all everyone involved in your business - past, current and potential clients, as well as staff. From there, you need to be able to drill down to get actionable insight.

You can learn more about our integrations here.

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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