Agents, it’s time to jump on the authenticity brand-wagon

Agents, it’s time to jump on the authenticity brand-wagon

Brand authenticity is difficult to define, but you know it when you feel it. When a brand feels authentic it helps build trust so that you consistently choose it over others.

Authenticity is a standout consumer value of modern marketing, and in the real estate industry where building trust is everything it would be a mistake to overlook. Here’s why you should embrace authenticity for your brand and leverage it to grow your business.

Trust is harder than ever to win

The Edelman Trust Barometer – which monitors the level of trust society has in businesses, governments, NGOs and the media – tells us that trust is in crisis. We no longer blindly believe that the system is working for us. In this climate, people’s societal and economic concerns, including globalisation, the pace of innovation and eroding social values, turn into fears.

And so, we come to be hungry for honesty. Honesty in the people that we work with, the news we hear and the brands that we buy from.

The pressure to be perfect has eased

Disappearing content has also played a big role in the authenticity trend. When Snapchat, and then Instagram Stories, introduced posts that go away after a specified period of time, the pressure for perfection simultaneously disappeared. No longer tethered to the aesthetic of a fastidiously curated Instagram feed, users could just create.

In this climate, being “less-than-perfect” is not only acceptable – it’s actually desirable. Why? Because it makes you more relatable. Customers want to feel like they’re interacting with people, not just another algorithm.

Just look at the #reallife Instagram trend, where users show the ‘perfect’ image next to a much more believable shot. Instead of striving for perfection, why not embrace your imperfections? Doing so might just help you connect with your customers, build trust, and create more meaningful relationships. 

Authenticity in real estate

If the average person was asked to list the most authentic industries, real estate wouldn’t even get a mention. Like car salesmen and lawyers, the title of ‘real estate agent’ conjures up a less-than-favourable image in many people’s minds.

No, it’s not fair – but it doesn’t have to be that way. This is your chance to prove them wrong by being an open book.

Showing potential sellers and buyers your brand’s authenticity will:

  1. give potential customers insight into the type of agent you are, making it more likely you’ll attract the type of people you enjoy working with;
  2. actually require less effort than pretending to be someone you’re not;
  3. build stronger relationships between you and your clients. 

A great place to start showing off your authentic brand is your website and social channels. Think about the you that you want to portray, and stick to it across all platforms. Are you friendly or professional? Personal or direct? Serious or a little bit quirky? Staying true to yourself will help build authenticity and trust with your audience.

Need help crafting a website that is a true reflection of your brand?

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