Here's What's New with Rex CRM (Sept - Jan)

The Rex CRM team has been hard at work over the past few months, bringing a whole host of new features and improvements to our product. Here's what's new:

Custom fields for Custom Reporting

You can now include custom fields for Contacts, Listings and Properties in your custom reports. This feature lets you create highly bespoke reports that include your own custom data points, greatly improving the visibility of your custom fields. It's particularly useful for reporting on any custom fields you might have set up for contact/buyer qualification.

Multiple trust ledgers per listing

You can now add multiple trust ledgers to a listing, even if they're for the same trust account. This can be useful if you want to keep separate marketing & deposit ledgers in order to protect against unintentional marketing overspend. When adding an extra ledger, you can specify a custom name, and any extra ledgers added will be included in all pre-existing trust reports.

Adding/editing appointments in Pocket

You can now add and edit calendar appointments in Pocket, making it perfect for when you're in front of a prospective buyer or seller and need to book something in on-the-fly. This feature comes with all the useful calendar automations that exist in Rex, including confirmation messages, guest alerts and auto creation of follow-up reminders.

Improved Global Search

The search function in Rex has received some big improvements to make it more powerful, efficient and resilient. The new engine can search on many more fields, so you can search for a contact by their address, for example. Searches are typo resilient and can handle name synonyms like "Tom" and "Thomas". You don't need to do anything to access it - just keep using Rex as you normally do and you'll immediately benefit.

Automatic appraisal record associations

When receiving appraisal enquiries in your leads inbox, the attached contact is now marked as the 'Property Owner' if they were not already. When booking appraisal appointments with one or more contacts, the contact(s) you invited are automatically set as the owner/s of the attached property if they are not already. These are the first in a series of smart automations being rolled out to link records and piece them together without you needing to do anything.

Inspections stat on listing records

You can now see the number of inspections that have taken place on a listing, making it easy to relay this information to vendors at a glance.

Send Newsletters from record owner

You can now bring a personal touch to your newsletters by sending them from the record owner to your contacts. This is an easy way to leverage existing relationships and show your agency is making a conscious effort to stand out from the rest. Simply change the send from and reply to field on a newsletter to Contact record owner and watch as your prospective buyers and vendors take notice of the extra effort you've put in.

RENZ API migration

For our New Zealand customers, we have upgraded how we talk to so any updates to your listings will appear in a matter of minutes instead of only twice-per-day.

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements, and we'll continue to work hard to bring you even more in 2023.

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