Our custom brochure builder just got better

Updates to our custom brochure builder, public e-brochure access and out-of-the-box website redirection for listing marketingA key of focus for our July release has been our brochure builder

Brochure builder improvements

For those that aren't familiar with it, Rex's brochure builder allows users to create and customise their print brochure templates via a drag and drop interface. The current release introduces some important improvements for advanced users:

  • We've added support for easy insertion of merge tags (these work the same way that they do for standard merge templates). Merge tag support includes support for display of data stored in custom tabs and fields
  • Brochure icons can now be displayed in your choice of black, white or grey. If you don't like Rex's standard icons, we've added the ability to insert your own custom icons for individual brochures.
  • For those of you using QR codes, Rex now also supports the use of custom e-brochure links for brochure QR codes (e.g. if you want to direct buyers to your website rather than Rex).

Public links to Rex e-brochures

Many of you have requested the ability to send a quick link to your contacts with information about a listing. Rex now lets you retrieve the Rex e-brochure link, or a link to your website (see custom URLs below). To access the e-brochure link, click the "Brochure" button in the listings module.

Please note, this functionality is available for published listings only.

Custom URLs for published listings

Rex now supports custom e-brochure links for email marketing. This gives users the ability to direct people that click on property links in auto updates or newsletters to your website instead of the Rex e-brochures.Configuration is via the Admin menu: there's a new option in the "E-brochure" section under "Auto update settings".If you'd like this configured:

  • If Rex provides your website, please contact our support team and we'll provide assistance to get you up and running.
  • If your website is developed externally, you'll need your developer to provide you with a link that accepts a Rex listing id. Please review the instructions on the E-brochure settings section and contact support if required.

Post 3: Vendor feedback report changes, new feedback type for enquiries and 20 other minor updates / improvements.

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