Feature release: the easiest way to watermark your listing images

Watermark your listings

Exciting news! You can now place watermarks on images you upload to portals, your website and a range of other places. There are three main benefits to this:

  1. Protect your listing imagesImage theft is happening all over the world, in both the property sales and holiday rental domains. Watermarking is a simple step that can protect your vendors’ photographs from being reused without permission.
  2. Get recognised
  3. Most buyers and sellers need to see your agency’s logo five to seven times before they recognise it. Now, you’ve got another opportunity to get more eyes on your brand.
  4. Streamline your experience
  5. You’ll no longer need an external software to place watermarks on each picture before uploading to Rex. You can do everything from within!

The logistics

Here’s how it works under the hood.

Where do you find it?

Click settings. Then, click Portals & Publication defaults. Navigate to watermarks and click +. On this screen, you can name your watermark and get personalising. You can select which images you’d like your image displayed on, and what channels you’d like them published.

Apply watermark

Now, to create your watermark!

Upload your watermark of choice. For best results, use a high-resolution, transparent PNG or GIF. If your logo or image has a background, use a free snipping tool like Clipping Magic to get rid of it before you upload.

Then, you can change the size, positioning and transparency of each watermark as you see fit.

Select which watermarks to enable from the dropdown on the main menu screen. You can have two watermarks enabled at once, so long as they apply to different locations (eg. one watermark for portals and another for e-newsletters). The watermark is applied to an image as it’s uploaded to the portals, sent out in an email, or printed out. So, the un-watermarked images attached to your listing record will stay in Rex.

That’s all there is to it!

As with everything fun, there are rules

The portals have a few rules in place to keep everything looking neat. To make sure none of your listing images are taken down by the portal moderators, you’ll need to abide by them.

Make sure your images are black and white, transparent, at the bottom right-hand corner of the image and within the size restrictions. Sticking to these rules is easy - just follow the prompts in Rex.

Remember, these requirements are policies of Realestate.com.au and Domain and in no way limitations within Rex. This means they could change at any time, so be sure to stay up to date!

If you want to put your agency’s logo front and centre on your print brochures or e-newsletters, there are no rules! You can create a much bigger and more opaque watermark for these places if you like.

Thanks to everyone who recommended this feature on UserVoice, we always value your input to make Rex the best it can possibly be! What more could an agent wish for? Let us know

In the meantime, if you run into any issues with watermarking please lodge a support ticket by clicking ‘?’ in the top right corner of Rex, or emailing support@rexsoftware.com.au.

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