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After struggling with poor communication from previous website providers, Julie Harris finds a breath of fresh air with Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft)’s support team. 

Julie Harris, Principal at Julie Harris Realty, discovered Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) after turning to her network for recommendations. Julie knew she was searching for a provider that was designed for the real estate industry and would support the way her agency does business. After making a quick enquiry, she hasn't looked back since.

“Of all the products I’ve investigated, Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) was certainly the best.”

- Julie Harris, Principal at Julie Harris Realty.

Migrating to a new website can bear risks such as downtime, data/content loss, broken links and search engine optimisation (SEO) penalties. When Julie placed her trust in the Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) team to seamlessly handle the migration, all her worries were laid to rest.

“I have no hesitation in passing on recommendations with the experience that I’ve had.” 

- Julie Harris, Principal at Julie Harris Realty.

Websites designed for real estate agents 

For real estate agencies to thrive in today’s market, a strong website is a linchpin to that success. Having a beautiful, responsive and functional website will not only create a great first impression, but will also help you attract and convert more leads.

“This website is actually going to work for us. Our last website didn’t.”

- Julie Harris, Principal at Julie Harris Realty.

When technical support or site maintenance is required, your agents should have the support they need in a language they understand. The Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) team handles all of the heavy lifting, so your agents can focus on what they do best.

Ongoing support

“I’m a real estate agent, I don’t speak the language of developers.”

- Julie Harris, Principal at Julie Harris Realty.

It's no secret that real estate agents lead busy lifestyles, and not everyone has time to learn the ins-and-outs of web development. Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft)'s team will go out of their way to make sure your team has everything they need for launch-day and offer ongoing support in case any questions come up along the way.

Want to learn more? 

If you want to see how much more powerful your real estate website could be, book a demo and we'll show you Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) in action.

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You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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Ready to learn more? Book a product demo today to see why over 2,500 agencies trust the Rex ecosystem to help them succeed every day.

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Ready to start growing? Book a demo and we’ll show you how to get your brand online in seconds.

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Ready to see how much more powerful your website can be? Book a demo and we’ll show you Siteloft in action.

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