Integrate all your real estate agency tools in one place with Rex CRM.

Connect your real estate database to all the business tools your agency uses, and watch your sales team’s efficiency go through the roof. No more clicking between applications – do it all from Rex CRM.
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Rex comes packed with a wide variety of default fields – however, all agencies approach customer service and management differently. You’ll probably require your own unique data to be stored against records. That’s why Rex supports custom fields: tags and data defined by you.

CoreLogic RP Data

All the data you need to generate comparative market appraisals on the fly. Our integration with CoreLogic RP Data means that with extremely little effort on your part, you can:

  1. Bulk import up to 1,000 properties in a single transaction
  2. Access live property data including sales history
  3. View full RP Data records and create comparative market appraisals (CMAs) on the fly from property records within Rex

Everything you need is in one place; transactional history, related contacts, contracts and forms – and comprehensive property records straight from the horse’s mouth. Having all this material available at a glance from Rex allows you to spend less time searching for data and more time putting it to use.


Access live property data and records straight from Rex.

Our integration with PriceFinder makes it incredibly easy to access live property data (including sales history), and view full APM PriceFinder records. Why waste time searching for data? This integration makes it all available at a glance, so you can spend more time putting it to use.


Together with agent ledgers, this integration makes pay runs as easy as possible

Rex allows you to import the extra miscellaneous expenses you add into Xero directly into Rex to keep your agent ledgers up to date and make financial reporting even more comprehensive.

Then, when the time comes to pay your agents, Rex allows you to simply export your finalised agent ledgers directly to Xero. This reduces manual data entry – saving admin time and preserving the integrity of your financial information.


Need a sign board? Have one organised in twenty seconds.

Push your Rex listing data – including core property data, events and high-resolution images – directly to CampaignTrack, streamlining the campaign management process and removing double data handling on your part.


Pre-filled forms that comply with current legislation.

Rex’s integration with ADL is powered via a lightweight desktop app we’ve specifically developed to run this integration.

The app works with Rex to fill out the specific form or forms you require. Listing, appraisal, property and contact data stored in your Rex account can be pre-filled in to your ADL forms, ensuring data consistency and saving you time.


Send OFI information directly to Homepass.

This two-way integration allows Rex users to automatically generate OFI events by sending listing data directly from Rex to Homepass. Then, once the OFI is complete, users can sync all updated contact data back to their CRM.

REI Forms & Realworks

Generate and import contracts in a flash. This integration saves Rex users hours of double data handling by auto-filling REI forms with CRM data, and then storing the completed forms against the appropriate records for easier access.

Your contracts are stored electronically against the appropriate records so you’ll never need to rummage through your filing cabinet again.


Automate the entire process of sending physical letters with the click of a button, saving time, money and paper cuts.

This integration opens your office to a world where printing, folding, stamping and posting mail are a thing of the past. With an easy workflow in Rex, CRM2Print will receive your templates and addresses, and then do all the hard work for you. They’ll print, fold, stuff, stamp and send all your physical mail to clients Australia wide. And they’ll do it all for competitive rates. (For more information and pricing details, check the CRM2Print website.)

The app works with Rex to fill out the specific form or forms you require. Listing, appraisal, property and contact data stored in your Rex account can be pre-filled in to your ADL forms, ensuring data consistency and saving you time.

Need a custom integration? Use a little tech know-how and our fully open APIs.

Want to build your own integrations for your agency and connect to other real estate tools? No problem – it’s easy. We’ve built our API to be as open as possible.

Get the most out of Rex CRM and Zapier

Get inspired to automate some of your mundane task in this guide to our top Zaps for Rex.

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