Contact Management

Integrated History

A perfect memory of all your client interactions.

When you open a contact record in Rex you’re immediately presented with:

  • The call history, notes and contact details for the individual you are working with, as well as all of that contact’s related people or properties.
  • A run-down of all letter, SMS and email correspondence, including for emails sent from outside of Rex.
  • A list of all upcoming, completed and overdue tasks/follow-ups for the contact.
  • Scanned proposals, agreements and other files uploaded against the record.

Automatically file inbound and outbound emails with the email dropbox

The more information you have on a contact – the better. That’s why our CRM lets agents and admin track and store all email communications (inbound or outbound).  The dropbox works by users bcc’ing or forwarding emails from email clients or smartphones to a special email address.  Emails Rex receives become part of the relevant contact’s history along with attachments making it easily available in one place.

Rex files any emails it receives automatically (for existing contacts) using the email address the email is sent from or to. For emails that don’t have a corresponding record in Rex, there’s a seamless filing workflow that steps you through creating a new contact and filing the email as required.

Email is universal, so this functionality can be easily made use of with virtually any device or email software. Rex also employs security measures – allowing only trusted emails to avoid spam or any other unwanted messages from getting through.

Track, record and update property and listing relationships with contacts

Properties and people are two basic building blocks of real estate business. Our CRM brings them together in with unparalleled simplicity that allows quick data entry and an immediate ability to access details for related properties from inside a contact record.

Related properties aren’t just those that a person currently owns or occupies. Rex also shows historic information (past ownership, landlord status, tenant status etc.), giving you a single-point of reference for the entire history of your relationship with a contact.

When you interact with a contact, it’s likely you’ll need to record that same interaction with a property. The ability to create contact to property relationships means you can interact with related properties from the contact screen by adding notes and recording mail merge sends right from the contact record (and vice versa). That means simpler data entry and a seamless historical record across all your property and contact data in Rex.

Manage and review inspection & feedback records from the CRM

When potential buyers attend open homes or do individual property inspections, it’s important to follow up. Rex records every OFI attendance and listing inspection against both the listing and the contact(s) who attend.

The inspection/feedback tab provides you with an at-a-glance view of listings a contact might be interested in as well as a quick way to follow up contacts that might have previously shown interest in a particular property.

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