Contact Communications

Everything you need to create targeted, effective property-related messages

Centralise all your agency communication in Rex. Admin staff can manage your mailing list, track email opens and clicks, and manage your Do Not Contact requests all from within the one sales system. Rex also includes a subscription management utility fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

Contact Communications

Track email opens and clicks to improve engagement

Our email engagements functionality is an incredibly powerful feature. Once you’ve sent an email to one of your prospects or clients, Rex informs you if and when they’ve opened it, as well as what links they’ve clicked.

This is an essential feature for any salesperson: it enables you to easily gauge client interest as well as track receipt for compliance.


Manage 'do not contact' requests

Stop database contacts from receiving any mass correspondence with a simply Do Not Contact (‘DNC’) flag. This also gives you a clear visual reminder that a client has been marked as DNC.


Automatically file emails with the email dropbox

With Rex, you can store all your inbound and outbound emails inside your real estate agency database against the appropriate contact record. This functionality gives your agents the big picture of every client’s interaction with your agency.  

When you send or receive an email from someone who isn’t in your database, Rex surfaces a seamless filing workflow that steps you through creating a new contact and filing the email as required.

Rex also employs security measures – keeping spam out of your database.


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