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Field Notes

EA Masters 2023 - #fieldnotes

Get the Comprehensive Resource for Key Takeaways from EA Masters 2023.

Couldn’t make it to EA Masters this year, or want to revisit the takeaways? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Download our PDF #fieldnotes resource for valuable insights and strategies shared from this year's conference. Tailored for estate agents and property managers, this resource ensures you get the most crucial highlights from the event.

Here's what’s covered in this valuable resource:

  • The future of estate agencies: Explore the future landscape of estate agencies through the lens of automation, people and partners - and discover the integral role of innovation, effective communication, and trend monitoring in ensuring enduring success in the evolving landscape of estate agencies.
  • Treating clients like royalty: Elevate client treatment to regal standards by mastering your field, embodying the essence of professionalism, and refining your skills as a proficient closer.
  • Understanding your USP: Unravel the essence of your USP by honing a deep understanding of it. Maintain a consistent regimen of tech training and stay well-informed about the latest developments to fortify your market position.
  • Keep it simple: Stay focused on clear goals, exude positive energy, and become a more trusted expert in your field.
  • Know yourself, know your data, know your brand: Gain self-awareness, understand your data thoroughly, and cultivate a deep knowledge of your brand.
  • Embrace AI to give agents more autonomy: Embrace the power of AI to empower agents with greater autonomy. Streamline human interaction and communication by integrating AI seamlessly.

But that's not all! There’s also valuable insights from these key speakers:

  • Katy Billany (Executive Director of TwentyEA)
  • Jason Tebb (CEO OnTheMarket)
  • Louisa Fletcher (PropTech thought leader)
  • Mike Clare (Founder of Dreams PLC)
  • Anton Babkov (CEO of Rex)
  • Peter Knight (Founder of Property Academy)
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