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Field Notes

AREC 2023 #fieldnotes

Introducing "AREC 2023 Fieldnotes": Your Comprehensive Resource for Key Takeaways from the Event

Download our PDF resource, "AREC 2023 Fieldnotes," to ensure you don't miss out on the valuable insights and strategies shared at this year's AREC Conference. Designed specifically for Real Estate Agents and Property Managers who attended the event, this resource captures the most important highlights and actionable tips from renowned industry experts.

Here's why you should download this valuable resource:

  1. Learn from Reese Witherspoon: Gain insights from one of the industry's most influential figures. Discover Reese Witherspoon's three big tips for building your audience, including the importance of following through on promises, understanding the emotional impact of your actions, and surrounding yourself with a supportive network.
  2. Drive More Listings with Database Marketing: Acquire top tips from Tom Ferry, a leading authority in real estate coaching and training. Discover effective strategies to drive more listings through powerful database marketing techniques, helping you expand your client base and boost your business growth.
  3. Unlock the Mindset of Success: Join Ryan Serhant, a renowned real estate broker and star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York," as he reveals the mindset necessary to attract the audience you desire. Discover how to harness the power of visualization and adopt a winning mentality to elevate your career and achieve extraordinary results.
  4. Navigate the Digital World with Confidence: Dr. Kristy Goodwin, an expert in digital wellbeing and productivity, provides a comprehensive plan to address the challenges posed by the digital world. Gain valuable insights on managing digital distractions, fostering healthy technology habits, and enhancing your productivity in an increasingly digital-focused industry.
Inside the Fieldnotes

But that's not all! "AREC 2023 Fieldnotes" also includes additional highlights and exclusive content:

  • Megan Taylor shares Longview's inspiring growth story, providing you with invaluable lessons and strategies for scaling your business successfully.
  • Discover the remarkable journey of "Little Bird," a property management startup, with insights from Heidi Rosin. Gain inspiration from their story of growth and success.
  • Brodie McPhie walks you through effective communication techniques for property managers, helping you establish strong relationships with clients and tenants.
  • Learn from the industry's best with the GOAT panel featuring Alexander Phillips, James Tostevin, Marcus Chiminello, and Phil Harris. Uncover the secrets to their mega success and gain actionable strategies to elevate your own career.

Don't let the key takeaways from this year's AREC event slip away from your memory.

Download "AREC 2023 Fieldnotes" today and equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies shared by industry leaders. Stay ahead of the competition and take your real estate career to new heights.

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