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Field Notes

AREC 2022 #fieldnotes

Yes, we’ve got all the visual #fieldnotes waiting for you to download.

With the audience abuzz and the music pumping the start of AREC was electric. After all the market highs and lows in the past year our industry was ready to celebrate successes, share heartfelt stories (and yes they made me cry), embrace the learning, and most importantly feel connected to this loud and crazy group of passionate property professionals.  

Our #fieldnotes include insights and takeaways from:

Keynote speakers

  • Matthew McConaughey aims for joy, not happiness
  • Seth Godin (x 2) reframing modern marketing
  • Mel Robbins giving us the 5-sec countdown, and
  • Vinh Giang opens our mind with perspective and influence

Big note makers

  • Fiona Blayney on creating space
  • Dom Price on the future of work
  • Dirk Miller on the future of real estate data
  • Seth Watts exploring technology and change
  • Dr Gina Cleo helping us build better habits

Plus a host of award-winning sales agents and property managers strutting the AREC stage for the first time.

Check out more of the stories here in this expanded blog.

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