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Ace your marketing efforts

Simple tips and tricks that will get you a ton of new business

The future of real estate is digital and if you're not already on board with social media, then this 24 page ebook will convince even the most die-hard offline promotional mindset – we’re looking at your letterbox drops – sure there's a place for that but the world is moving fast online and there's no better time than now to get started in digital marketing for your business. 

This year, we'll take advantage of our opportunities like never before. As more people turn their attention away from traditional advertising models – which have become less and less effective as consumers compare different products or brands online prior purchasing decisions – (real) estate agencies need new strategies for success in today’s marketplace.

This guide provides 9 must-do items when crafting campaigns using our digital marketing product Rex Reach (formerly Spoke).

In this ebook you will:

  • increase revenue and grow your brand
  • get more listings and traffic to existing listings
  • reach out to broader audiences across social media platforms
  • create a knowledgeable customer base through educating your prospective customers on your unique business offerings

No degree needed! Digital marketing for real estate agents can be a bit of a specialist subject but don’t worry this guide is filled with actionable tips on how to improve and as a bonus includes our digital marketing cheat-sheet so you don’t have to worry about understanding all that technical marketing jargon.

Become a real estate marketing expert on Facebook, Instagram and Google in this quick read.

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