Why automation is key to real estate agency success


Real estate agents face the constant challenge of managing their time efficiently to meet the demands of clients while maintaining a work-life balance. The high-pressure nature of the job often leaves agents with little time for important relationship-building activities. To address this issue, many agencies are turning to automation to streamline administrative tasks and free up agents' time to focus on more productive activities.

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, up to 40% of real estate agency activities can be automated, leading to increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer service. Rex CRM offers a suite of automation tools designed to assist agents in automating critical relationship-building activities such as follow-up SMS to inspecting buyers and anniversary emails to past purchasers. Integration with Zapier also allows agencies to build fast and efficient automated lead responders and "Just Sold" announcements, further improving customer service and fostering long-lasting relationships. If you're looking to implement automation in your agency, here are some ideas that our clients are using to maximize their productivity.

Agent-to-client messaging 

SMS messages have become an invaluable part of many real estate agents' workflow - improving communication between agents and clients during real estate sales. Agents can prioritise buyer needs with real-time updates on property value and market changes, while home buyers can get the real estate information they need in real-time. There is no waiting on emails or calls to be returned; instead, real estate agents are able to close on deals more quickly because clients are constantly aware of new developments on their own properties.

Predictive analytics 

With real estate agency automation, agents can receive automatic notifications when homes on the market fit certain criteria based upon client input ahead of time. For example, an agent may want to know when a home hits the market that is within 10% of another that just sold 

eSigning documents 

Agents no longer need to spend half their day on real estate transactions. With real estate agency automation, agents are able to send signatures for clients to sign online using DocuSign, which can reduce real estate transaction time by up to 70%.

Customer relationship management (CRM) 

Many agents find having an instant record of client contact history the game-changer in a highly competitive industry. Agents may spend hours each week redoing work because they were unable to keep track of client conversations; real estate agency automation ends this issue right here and now. With platforms like Rex CRM there is no more miscommunication between real estate agents and their clients - everything is saved digitally in one place! 

Email marketing 

Just like with any other business, agents must stay in touch with former customers or they will lose touch. Using real estate agency automation, estate agency teams can send out email marketing campaigns to their client base that look professional and are personalised for the client. Integrations with third-party email technology companies like Activepipe offer real estate agents advanced email communications that get opened because they are targeting the right person at the right time.

Sales forecasting 

Sales forecasting with real estate agency automation is incredibly valuable in making sure that agents can maximise revenue for each sale. No longer do property professionals have to waste time on client communication when they could be working on closing deals instead; real estate agents can forecast and plan ahead for success with integrated CRM data and email marketing campaigns.

With more buyers turning to online searches than ever before, it's never been more important for real estate agents to have real estate agency automation. Automation can save real estate agents time, money, and effort so they never have to worry about client communications again.

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Our top Zaps for estate agency automation

Automating all those time consuming, mundane tasks is the key to scaling growth. Using the Rex + Zapier integration our agents are powering through more tasks, and getting better results. Check out this ebook where we share the top 13 Zaps to get you started on your automation journey.

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