Where exactly do your Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) ads go, and what do they look like?

The short answer to that question is: lots and lots of places, in many different formats. Every time you launch a Spoke campaign, your ads are shown to your target audience in a number of different formats across Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network.

If you want to know exactly where your agency, agent and listing ads really go (and why), keep reading.

Remember, with Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), you don’t need to create dozens of different ads. You just give us the photos, a video (if you have one) and some copy, and we create multiple different ad formats!

Where Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) ads go on Facebook:

  • In the News Feed — this is what you probably think of when we say the words ‘Facebook Ad’. You scroll through dozens your newsfeed, either on your computer, iPad or mobile every day.
  • Within Instant articles — this mobile publishing format enables news publishers to distribute articles to Facebook’s app. The real kicker here is that instant articles load and display about 10 times faster than standard web articles, so people are more likely to read them. Clicking one of these articles opens a quick tab and there, smack bang in the middle of attention-capturing content, is your Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) ad.
  • On Marketplace homepage — that means when someone is searching for buckets of paint or bricks (yes, people really do sell this stuff on Facebook!), your agent profile ads — strategically written to appeal to renovators who’ve put in a fair bit of elbow grease to make a profit — could surface.
  • In the Story reel — while Stories were initially snubbed by Facebook users in favour of Instagram, the number of people snapping their morning latte or post-gym flex and uploading it to Facebook has more than doubled in the last few months. It’s a great way to reach your potential buyers and sellers in the same native format they’re absorbing their friends’ content.
  • In the right hand side column — these are the ads that constantly change, depending on what websites you’ve been visiting. Right-column ads only appear to people browsing Facebook on their desktop computer.
  • Within Facebook Messenger — your ads will appear to people using the Facebook Messenger app, right in their Inbox.

… and what they look like:

Image for post
  • Carousel ads — up to ten images or videos of will appear, with a link back to the landing page on each. It’s like a photo gallery that buyers can interactively engage with and swipe through.
  • Video ads — if you’ve got a professional listing video, or even a walkthrough of a property in selfie-mode, this is perfect for a Facebook ad. 15 seconds seems to be the sweet-spot for our ever-shrinking attention spans.
  • Image ads — the most simple of the bunch! Spoke will show a single image with an attention-grabbing description, and a call to action. There’ll also be a status banner on your listing ads: For Sale, Just Listed or Just Sold.

Where Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) ads go on Instagram:

  • In the Feed — this keeps your ads in front of the scrollers. Instagram users can like, comment and share your ad.
  • In the Story reel — Instagram stories appear above users’ Instagram feeds, and stay live for just 24 hours. Stories play continuously, from one user’s story to the next. Story ads appear between those stories. They’re for mobile placement only; they don’t show up on desktop.

… and what they look like:

Image for post
  • Single image or video ads — your ads will look just like a regular Instagram post. Video ads will auto-play. However, along the bottom of the image there will be a ‘Learn More’ banner linking to your landing page, to capture as many enquiries as possible. Your ad text will appear below.
  • Carousel ads — like Facebook carousel ads, this format allows a potential buyer to flick through multiple property images.
  • Story ads — these take up the whole screen, so they’re a great way to capture attention. Interested buyers (or sellers) are invited to swipe up to ‘Learn More’. Doing so takes them to your landing page.

Where Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) ads go on the GDN:

  • Mobile App ads — almost 90% of phone-time is spent within apps like Words With Friends, Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja. Obviously, we have to get your ads in there!
  • Popular websites — your Spoke ads will be published across the websites your potential buyers and sellers visit most, like news.com.au, Gumtree, Forbes and millions more.
  • YouTube channels — humans spend a lot of time on YouTube; the average person spends almost nine minutes every day on the site, making it the second most visited website in the world (behind Google).

… and what they look like:

Image for post
  • App ads — your Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) ads will appear as full screen ads, or pop-ups. You can guarantee they’ll grab attention.
  • Banner ads — when you think of web ads, this is probably what you picture. Banner ads are the most popular type of web ad. They can appear in the form of a bar, column or box containing relevant text and graphics at the top, in-line or at the bottom of the screen.
  • Responsive ads — these ads automatically adjust in size, appearance and format to fit just about any space on a website on the Google Display Network. For example, a responsive ad might appear on the left hand side of a news story in portrait orientation, and as a small square ad in between other square tiles on Gumtree.

By publishing your ads across so many platforms and in so many different formats, we’re able to capture your audience’s attention wherever they go and cement your offering in their memory.

Stay tuned, friends. We’re always on the lookout for new spots to place your ads. Every time the networks update their ad placements, we update our functionality so you get the benefit.

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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