Rex Property Management FAQ's

You asked and we've got the answers. Below are the questions from the Rex Property Management Sneak Peak.

Do you have integration with Inspection Express?

No, The Inspections functionality within Rex PM should remove the need for this type of integration but it could be something we investigate in the future.

Can we send work orders to contractors from the system?

Yes you will be able to send work orders directly to contractors from Rex PM within the Maintenance task or in other ad-hoc instances.

Does PM creates the lease agreement, or tenancy agreement? or do I have to create it outside of the software and attach it there?

Rex PM doesn’t create the lease agreement document however we are working on forms integrations to assist in streamlining this process

Does the Appliance feature automatically 'pop up' when a task relating to the property is entered?

Appliances are always available to add, however, they aren’t automatically created by default as each Property is unique to their requirements

Does the software include the management of commercial properties?

Rex PM does support Commercial Properties, however we are specifically geared towards residential.

Does inspection have the facility for tenant conducted inspection?

No, it does not offer this functionality.

Do you integrate with inspect real estate?

We don't currently integrate with Inspect Realestate.

Can you do the leases/authorities on the system?

Rex PM does allow you to create Deposit Authority records and record any activity with bonds in regard to this.

Is there a notes space to record sizing requirements for appliances?

There isn’t an option within the appliance view but this is a great idea! At this stage, you would add this as a note on the Property.

Do you have voice to text for inspections?

Absolutely! This works the same was as Rex CRM.

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