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Let's meet the Rex team.Software is a funny old thing, especially when it’s from the cloud. It just is – there on your computer like magic. Every now and then there’s a new feature or change – but where do they come from? Where is the illusive software factory? Who are the fairies that put all those ones and zeros in exactly the right order?Funnily enough, it’s all done by hand. Our software is made by humans. Living, walking humans - just like yourself.Hath not a programmer eyes? Hath not a programmer hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a user is?If you prick us, do we not bleed?That’s right – developers are just like any other person. And Rex, like any company, has different departments for different things. We have support, operations, front-end development, back-end development – the usual.Now, occasionally they slacken my leash and allow me to write something fun – so I’d like to take the opportunity to properly introduce the Rex Software team.

Meet the Rex team

Meet the Rex team


Ben Taylor and Jay McBride:

You’ve probably already met Ben and Jay at some point. They’re here, ready and waiting, to help anyone that requires a bit of assistance. If you’ve ever emailed support, they’re the ones you’re talking to.Ben is a seven-foot, gruff-voiced, twenty-something with a tremendous social conscious. Basically, he’s an angel that plays heady rock guitar instead of the harp.Jay is the first of our resident Kiwis – a hilarious, breathing music encyclopaedia with a shirt collection to die for.

Meet the Rex team


Sam Duthie, Alex Dodd, Sammy McVicar and Stephanie Babkov

Operations are in charge of making sure onboardings go smoothly and that our clients are receiving the service they deserve.Sam’s a Stephen King buff who doesn’t mind a music festival or nine. Like any true Australian, she’s completely Vegemite mad. Goes mental for the stuff. We could pay her in it.Alex has a heart-meltingly British accent, a head so level you could use it to put up shelves and a throwing arm like a cannon.Sammy's our most recent Kiwi. Like all Kiwi's, she loves rugby. Like some Kiwi's, she's very, very good at it. As such, we make sure we get her the documents she needs on time.Steph cooks like I wish my mother did. By that I mean predominantly cakes.

Meet the Rex team

Web Development

Jason Grimston and Alex Lisowski

The web developers are our website specialists. They have the special skills required to build all the important online stuff.Jason has motor oil coursing through his veins and the uncanny ability to identify any car’s make and model from the song of its exhaust alone.Alex (Fox) is our youngest Russian. Before he worked here, he was a professional gamer. That’s right – they paid him to play games. That’s living the dream, right there.

Meet the Rex team

Front-end Development

Jonathan Kennedy and Lochlan Bunn.

The ‘front end’ of Rex refers to everything you can see. We have two crash-hot developers in charge of that. These are the blokes responsible for Rex’s simplicity and accessibility. Thank them for bringing a bit of beauty into your lives in your evening prayers.Johnno converts caffeine into code. By day: programming extraordinaire. By night: loving father of the cutest Chihuahua ever born.Lochlan is one of those mad computer scientists. It's like Emmet Brown from Back To The Future and Dennis Ritchie had a lovechild.

Meet the Rex team

Back-end Development

Alex Babkov and James Harvey

These extraordinarily bright chaps are in charge of Rex’s back-end. The ‘back-end’ (lol) refers to all the programming behind the scenes that powers Rex’s functionality. They encounter coding dragons on a daily basis, and like the programming knights errant they are, slay them for the good of users Australia and New Zealand wide.James is uncharacteristically calm for a PHP developer - probably because he expends all his pent up rage at the gym. His life is equal parts iron and silicon.Alex is also the CTO. We’ll get to him later.

Meet the Rex team

Design and Marketing

Richard Dobson, Grace Houghton and Jackson Hills

The design and marketing team are in charge of all those fantastic illustrations and designs you see on the website. This is the creative side of the company – it’s all beads and crayons at this end of the office.Richard (Dobs) is our creative director and resident artistic genius. He used to be a DJ, but retired his turntables to follow his passion – design. He still gets down and boogies every once in a while.Grace is the graphic designer responsible for all the amazing illustrations on our new website. She has everything from Photoshop to pottery to macaroni art under her arty thumb.Jacko is the content author. He's in charge of all the words, and often finds himself writing in third person.

Meet the Rex team


Natalie Scomazzon

Accounts is a pretty self explanatory division of Rex – run by a one-woman team.Natalie is a numbers and economics genius. She’s got a mind built for accounting and a surname you never really appreciate until you have to spell it.

Meet the Rex team


Peter Bongiorni, Nick Thomas, Adam Morris, Stuart Hallam and Paola Sanchez

Appropriately, our sales department focus on sales. They reside in the ‘sales cave’: our in-office sales office (our offices are structured kind of like a matryoshka doll).Pete, more commonly known as ‘the man’, is a karaoke Adonis who can work a barbeque better than Jamie Oliver.Nick is the sort of guy you’re proud to be friends with because you just know he’s going to be running the country one day.Adam’s notoriously injured – especially on leg day.Stuart’s a chronically chipper bloke. He’s got a smile with radiant brightness usually reserved for SES terawatt searchlights.Paola manages sales admin when she doesn’t have her nose buried in a textbook or her salsa-dancing feet tapping away under the moon.

Meet the Rex team


Anton Babkov, Alex Babkov and Lana Sirota

Rex is a family business; run by the Babkov family. They’re a sharp team of fiendishly clever Russians who started the company a few years ago.Anton is the CEO. With degrees in Law and Psychology – he’s got the kind of terrifying intelligence that’s perfect for running a business or picking up objects via telekinesis. When he’s not here at the office, he’s usually rowing up Brisbane River ridiculously early in the morning or at home inhaling tech news and books.Alex is our CTO. To put it simply; he’s a genius. In another life, he worked as a janitor at MIT and would solve the equations he found on the blackboards in the hallway. Rather than use his enormous mind to become a super villain, enslave the human race and live in a skull shaped castle - he started writing Rex when he was only 12 years old.Lana is the Sales Director. She created our fearless leaders, Anton and Alex – and thus, by the transitive property: Rex itself. She’s an ex real estate agent with an incredible passion for the industry. Oh, and the Cold War was actually just the Americans trying to get their hands on her secret dumpling recipe.So there you have it. Rex is built and run by this young, talented team – and we think they do alright.

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