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As CEO, a big part of my job is to constantly look for incremental improvements we can make to Rex as a product and as a business. This month, I've spent a few days reading about customer service and satisfaction. I was absolutely amazed by some of the things I found out. Here are a few tidbits of information:

  • You only hear 1 out of 26 complaints your customers have about you;
  • Customers that have a positive experience with you will tell 5 other people about how good you were; while customers that have a negative experience will tell between 10 and 20 people about how terrible you were;
  • Based on a study of the Fortune 500, customer satisfaction operates in lockstep with profitability - make more customers satisfied and your business will be more successful on all measures.

The biggest lesson was probably that measuring and improving customer satisfaction is one of, if not the most important jobs we have as a business. We love to hear from you guys but perhaps don't make enough contact with you. I'd love to know what you think of your experience with Rex overall - here's two ways:

-- also a reminder that all technical queries / how-tos should be submitted via or via the contact support option available from the Help menu in Rex.For you as real estate agents, great customer service starts with good communication with vendors, buyers, tenants and landlords - that's the topic of two of our recent blog posts:

Rex is packed with a vast array of communication tools. If you've forgotten how to use some of them, make sure to attend our next free advanced user training webinar - check out the schedule in the right bar of your Rex dashboard.

Further reading on customer service

If you'd like to read more about customer satisfaction and how to improve - take a look at the collection of articles in the Harvard Business Review On Increasing Customer Loyalty. Some of the content is heavy(ish) but well worth the time.

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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