Interest rates have fallen off a cliff

With interest rates so low, its easy to forget how high they've been. Now may be a first home buyers best chance to get into the property market, judging by the shift in Standard Variable Rates. The Rex team have designed this infographic to highlight why its a perfect time for a buyer to start their real estate journey.Why not share the infographic below with all your potential first home buyers, or others who aren't convinced that now's a great time to buy...

An infographic showing Australian interest rates from the period of January 1981 to January 2013

Embed this infographic on your site by copying and pasting the following code!<a href=""><img src="" alt="Australian interest rates have fallen off a cliff - Infographic" title="An infographic by Rex Software showing the shift in the Standard Variable Rate from January 1981 to January 2013" width="730" height="1640"></a>

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