Top agent finds harmony in life balance

Alex Jordan is one of the highest-achieving real estate agents in Queensland and says looking after his health has been crucial to that success.

Alex Jordan is one of the highest-achieving real estate agents in Queensland and says looking after his health has been crucial to that success.

Mr Jordan speaks about finding the balance which helps him operate at the top of his game in an interview for Close-Ups, a new series of video interviews with industry leaders compiled by real estate software specialist Rex.

Mr Jordan operates in Brisbane’s leafy western suburbs from his office base with McGrath Paddington and has received numerous accolades for excellence in his 20-year real estate career. He won the 2020 Annual REA Excellence Award as the Top Residential Agent in Queensland and was named agent of the year by for five consecutive years.

The first eight-episode season of Close-Ups focuses on health and wellbeing, with interviews conducted by Real Estate Institute of Queensland Chief Executive Officer Antonia Mercorella.

“I have two auto-immune diseases, which is why I focus so much on health,” Mr Jordan tells Close-Ups.

“I am so passionate about it because now that I’ve got children I need to make sure they don’t have the same experience. I was worried that they would because genetically these things can be passed on.”

A careful approach to diet is vital in managing Mr Jordan’s Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammation of the digestive tract.

“I am on a strict diet and have lost a lot of weight from that,” Mr Jordan said. “It is the way I can manage my inflammation so I don’t have to be on strong pharmaceutical drugs.”

Mr Jordan maintains a ketogenic, low-carb diet approach, with no alcohol.

But Mr Jordan says the most important thing he can do to prepare for a busy day at work is to get a good night’s rest.

“My night-time routine governs my mood and actions the next day,” Mr Jordan said.

“If I don’t get the night-time right, the next day has been compromised.”

To get that sound sleep, Mr Jordan makes sure the room is dark.

“If you wake up during the night and turn the light on, that will trigger your circadian rhythm to say that this is wake-up time, so the next night you will probably wake up at a similar time,” he said.

“So I try to get eight hours of darkness. My routine is really important just to be able to function.”

Spending time outdoors and close to nature is another essential part of his routine.

“My day starts early in the morning. I try to get outdoors, in the fresh air, barefoot on the ground,” he said.

“When you study health you realise that the more you are connected to nature, the better the health outcomes.

“If you go to a beach or somewhere in nature and you feel better afterwards, an element of that is from the connection to the ground.”

Mr Jordan prepares himself for the day with fresh air and meditation while taking in the sun’s rays. But like most people, he still checks his phone first.

“I need to look at my phone to check what I have to do, to check my emails. That clears me a little bit, then I go outside for an hour.”

Rex Head of Brand and Marketing Tracey Jones said Close-Ups was all about sharing knowledge and success stories.

“The reason for doing Close-Ups is we know that real estate agents have great stories to tell and we love to hear how they are working smarter to be healthier, more successful and looking forward to a more rewarding career,” she said.

“We chose health and wellness first up because we hear so much in the media about the increasing stress and pressure that property professionals face, so the first season is an opportunity to explore how they are dealing with that.”

The second season is in production now and will be hosted by property management expert Dean Yeo.

Watch the first season of Close-Ups here.

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