Rexlabs appoints new product managers

Spoke Product Manager Rahul Nair

The real estate tech experts at Rexlabs have welcomed two new product managers into the fold.

Adam Glegg and Rahul Nair will take the reins of two of Rexlabs’ most important products – Siteloft and Spoke.

The new recruits come from diverse professional backgrounds, with Mr Glegg having previously worked for a large corporation, while Mr Nair left a startup studio, where he worked closely with up-and-coming business founders.

“I’m really excited to be part of the team here at Rexlabs,” Mr Glegg said.

“Siteloft is our website product. In a nutshell, my role is to build and manage a product that is valuable and usable for our customers, whilst also being feasible for us here at Rexlabs.”

The remit was quite broad, Mr Glegg said, with a heavy focus on understanding and representing customer needs, while “exploring every avenue to produce a world class product that fits within the vision and values we carry here at Rex”.

Mr Glegg’s previous role was digital product owner within a heavily regulated industry, primarily focused on optimising products sold online. 

“My previous role was far more delivery focused,” he said.

“This role provides much more freedom to elicit change and have an impact for our customers. 

“I’m really passionate about building products and software that actually solves problems for people.

“Software should be simple, yet powerful and well-considered so it actually makes your day easier.”

Spoke is Rexlabs’ digital advertising software for real estate agents and agencies, and will be headed by Mr Nair

“Spoke dramatically simplifies the process of creating, monitoring and improving highly performant digital campaigns that help to sell properties and build brands in local communities,” Mr Nair said.

“As product manager for Spoke, I’ll be leading a talented and engaged product team to expand and improve the performance of the product as well as scale acquisition and drive increased engagement by our customers.

“My main duties will be improving engagement of Spoke’s customers with the product and driving scalable growth through experimentation.”

In his previous role, Mr Nair led the creation of technology startups in health, entertainment and education. 

“My specific focus was on collaborating with the founders to bring their ideas to minimum usable products, and I led the process end-to-end from concept to launch. 

“To put it simply, my previous role was about leading products from concept to launch, and my current role is about leading a product from launch to scale.”

Mr Nair said having been a software engineer for more than 10 years prior to moving into product management, he hoped to bring a unique combination of skills to help Spoke reach new heights.

“When I was looking for a new role, I wanted it to be with an organisation with a product mindset and existing product skill set.

“Rexlabs is that organisation for me. We have skilled product managers and supportive leaders, and I am keen to learn from them and be guided by them in my product journey.”

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