Staff Exits & Task Transfers

Potential business won't follow staff members out the door

One of the biggest risks to a real estate agency is staff turnover. It’s usually thought that the biggest cost to an agency’s business is the clients that walk out the door with the departing staff member – but that cost is largely unavoidable.

In fact, the biggest cost for your agency is all the potential business you encouraged your departing staff member to create, by adding contacts and follow-up reminders, that goes stale and dies from the day they leave your agency. This is a cost that can be avoided by immediately taking action from within the CRM to ensure a seamless transition.

Staff Exits & Task Transfers

Mass reassignment of pending reminders with intelligent transfer

Rex allows you to go to a record and intelligently reassign reminders for that record from one staff member to another. The reassignment only affects tasks assigned to the user you are “assigning from”.

Reassignment can also be carried out in bulk from the list view: search for the records you’d like to reassign reminders for, then perform a bulk action to reassign reminders for all selected records to the person you decide. A few minutes of work can mean years of continued business for your real estate agency.


Mass migrate record ownership and permissions

Ownership of records and permissions to access and modify them can also be managed using mass actions. Reassignments done in this way can be carefully fine-tuned so that your changes don’t affect other users with tasks or separate rights to access the relevant records in the CRM.

Rights to perform these types of mass actions are strictly privilege limited. When you have the right privileges, actually processing a reassignment only takes a few clicks and some quick strokes on the keyboard.


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