Prospecting, Merge & Follow-Up

Reminders and Tracks

Your roadmap to best practice, consistent follow-up for engaged prospects

Reminders and tracks help you build long-term relationships with your clients, automate tasks and save you time.

The reminders tab lets you quickly add follow-up activity. This can include simple task-based reminders like follow-up calls or emails.

We’ve built special capabilities into Rex that allow you to attach mail merge templates to follow-up email, letter or sms tasks. Used effectively, this feature can double or triple the follow-up capacity of a single agent or admin by letting them complete tens or hundreds of different merge tasks in seconds.

Powerful automatic follow-up for buyers and sellers

This is your roadmap to consistent reminders that keep you front and centre in your buyers' minds for a number of weeks up to a number of years. Tracks are Rex’s pre-defined lists of best practice follow-up activities. They make it incredibly easy to remember what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

Out of the box, Rex comes with a long list of default tracks. You can customise or tailor-make your own unique tracks to match your internal workflow.

Pair your tracks with letter, email and SMS mail merge templates for rapid fire, personalised follow-up.

Review track progress, defer or reassign track tasks

Tracks are flexible. You can easily defer or terminate an entire track of follow-up tasks or the individual tasks within it.

You can also assign tracks and tasks to multiple owners, and easily reassign them to different owners in bulk – simplifying handover when a member of staff joins or leaves your agency.

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