Properties Module

Everything you need to know about the properties in your local area

You’ve worked hard to build up a database of properties. Rex puts all the important information at your fingertips so your agents can work as efficiently as possible. Property records in Rex provide quick access to core property info, current and historic photos, and a map for physical context. And, because property is a long game, there’s also quick access to related contacts, like current and past owners, and an archive showing historic sales and appraisal information. Everything you need to prospect in one place.

Record contact relationships to properties

The right bar on a property record shows details of past and current owners, tenants and other contacts with any relationship with a property to help your staff understand the bigger picture and identify opportunities.

The related record pop-out lets you view contact details, send emails and add notes without leaving the property record. Notes and reminders added against a property can also be immediately attached to any related contact records from the property record view.

Quickly find and share agency documents

With Rex, you don't need an external storage system. Upload your documents (including high res images, contracts, PDFs for zoning and development info, etc) into the system and store them against properties for future reference. Links to documents can be shared outside your office via email. No more paper files.

See your agency’s entire history with a property

Property is a long game. Rex shows you every interaction you and other agents in your area have ever had with a property. Sales, appraisals, withdrawals, other agents’ boards – it’s all there at your fingertips.

Access contact notes, emails, reminders and other interactions from a consolidated activity feed

Every record in Rex has its own activity stream with details of every phone call, email, reminder completed or note added to that or any related records. This includes external emails (filed via the Email Dropbox). It's your single point of truth.


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