Listing Type Support & Functionality

Define your own records – Rex fits every real estate agency.

No matter what kind of property you’re dealing with, Rex has you covered. Define your own records – Rex moulds to fit every agency.

Rex supports a full range of functionality for a variety of property types

Rex has listing type support for agencies that deal with virtually any type of property:

  • Residential (sale and rentals), including standalone dwellings and support for high density property (apartment buildings etc)
  • Land (including project marketing)
  • Commercial property (including sales and leasing)
  • Holiday rentals (including accommodation availability)
  • Business sales

The property data stored complies with real estate portal standards (our software uploads to over 35 portals by default and supports 4 upload standards).   Rex also includes support for sales, leasing and investor hold transactions for the relevant property types.

Rental prospecting, marketing and holiday accommodation

Rex facilitates rental business development via the prospecting functionality in the CRM.

The software can also facilitate marketing of rental properties available for lease. This includes upload of current listings to rental property websites, generation of rental stock-lists and brochures to showcase your rental properties. Rex includes a dedicated listings sub-module to help manage marketing of holiday accommodation listings, including managing availability through a vacancy calendar.

Commercial property and business sales

Our CRM includes dedicated modules for prospecting, appraisal and marketing of commercial property listings and business sales.

Rex uploads commercial properties for sale or lease to all major and boutique commercial real estate portals including, and others.

Customise default property features

Different real estate agencies may wish to record specialised information about property features. Rex supports customising of default values for a variety of values, including: property features, views, roofing, exterior, ‘ideal for’ and rental allowances.

Store custom data for specialised listing types in the CRM

To supplement default information stored about properties, Rex allows creation of custom fields that can be grouped into tabs and optionally attached to any listing in your database. Real estate agencies that deal with varying categories of business or commercial property can use this functionality to record information tailored to specific listing types. Rural and holiday letting agencies can also use custom data to great effect.  Examples include:

  • Tracking specialised data about different business types
  • Recording information about different commercial property types, like factories, warehouses etc.
  • Recording details about livestock and animal housing for farm and rural properties.

Fields can be grouped into tabs that can be added selectively to particular record types. Furthermore, when creating your own custom tabs, you have the option to add ‘helper text’ to guide other users on how to properly fill out your new fields. If you would prefer other users to not be able to fill out your specialised fields, or even not able to see them at all, Rex has security settings that can close off tabs with sensitive information so that other users cannot edit or see them.

Rex is built to accommodate the way you do business.

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