Sales Process Management

Data Management & Mass Actions

No-fuss control over your data, done your way

Straightforward data export functionality gives you a quick and easy way to export data from Rex for further analysis. Filter your selected data and Rex will export it into .CSV or .HTML format, allowing you to use your data in any other programs or software your agency may be using.

Manage tags and custom data across your agency

Rex lets users with the right privileges create tags and custom data to record against records, ensuring everyone at your agency is working the same way. Mass actions let you modify tags from one to thousands of records at the same time.

Use mass actions to manipulate data in bulk

Mass actions are a time-saving feature allows a user to add or remove tags, add or remove mailing lists, reassign reminders, change record states and assign permissions to up to a thousand records in one fell swoop.Using this functionality with Rex’s lists and advanced filters makes for easy, fast and accurate large data manipulation.

Duplicate detection and duplicate prevention tools

One of the main benefits of Rex is that it acts as your agency’s ‘single point of truth’. Data deduplication functionality helps you to quickly remove double-ups and conflicting records from your database, keeping your agency's data clean and accurate.

Full audit logging for major record changes

Users with the right privileges are able to surfacing 'change logs' detailing every change, creation, deletion and export actioned within your Rex database, increasing clarity and transparency as well as putting an end to disputes about who's made changes to a record.

Collision avoidance to prevent data overwrites

Rex notifies you when another user is viewing the same record as you and when another user has edited the record you're viewing, vastly reducing the risk of another user overriding your work (and vice versa).

This functionality has another benefit: by alerting you when another user is accessing the same listing record as you, for example, it suggests they may have an applicant in mind  – sparking conversation and teamwork.

Enforce a fail-safe for listing uploads

Rex acts as a fail-safe, helping your agency to adhere to strict disclosure requirements by preventing your agents from uploading a listing to the portals without the required documents.

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Rex CRM powers REIQ Salesperson of the year, Shannon Harvey

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