Customisation & Settings

Easily customise your Rex calendar according to your specific requirements

Rex helps you run your business your way, rather than forcing you to bend the way you work to suit the system. The calendar functionality is no different. You can easily customise your Rex calendar according to your agency’s specific requirements.

Configure multiple different appointment types, with different default durations and alerts

Out of the box, the Rex calendar comes with standard appointment types. However, you can also add your own to fit the way your office and teams work—complete with default event durations and alerts, to make scheduling regular event types as simple as possible.

Create multiple different calendars, or subscribe to other people's calendars

Rex’s full two-way event syncing functionality means you can easily keep your external calendars if you wish, but you’ve also got the option to create multiple calendars in Rex. For example, you could create a Work and a Personal calendar within Rex.

Adjust your calendar permissions to control who can see and edit your events

Each user can control who can see and edit the events in their Rex calendar. This is handy if you have a valuation that you want to keep private, or if you choose to set up a personal calendar within Rex, for example. You can grant your personal assistant the ability to see and make changes to specific events, and block all other users from seeing the details.

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