Prospecting, Merge & Follow-Up

Bulk Merge & Step-Through

Connect templates to tasks for rapid-fire follow-ups.

Rex uses a combination of templates and tracks to make best practice follow-up a breeze. Touch base with one – or one thousand – clients in just a few clicks.

Individual tasks within tracks can be attached to SMS, email, and letter templates

Template attachment means rapid-fire follow up for unbelievable efficiency gains:

1. Individual follow up tasks can be actioned in 5 seconds from the launcher button.

2. Bulk merge functionality allows you to complete potentially hundreds of individual email / SMS / letter follow-ups in a matter of minutes.

Complete tasks using the 'step-through' for deeper context

Rex’s ‘reminder step-through’ creates a special mode that allows users to power through their activity reminders in an incredibly efficient way.

When activated, the step-through creates a reminder overlay at the bottom of your screen, while triggering related records to appear in the background.

From there, users can interact with the related record in the standard record view.  This allows quick review of contact history and rich profile information and the ability add or edit data.  Once a reminder is completed, they simply click the next button and the next task related record appears.

The step-through can be minimised when you need to carry out other work in Rex and reopened later with a single click, helping keep users on track.

See Bulk Merge & Step-Through in action

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Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) gives LJ Hooker’s agents the autonomy to grow and execute digital marketing strategies

Luke Jones franchise partner at Hunters Bridgend

Hunters Bridgend achieve impressive growth using Rex Reach

Wentworth Partners selected Rex CRM to scale their business and run day-to-day operations.

Wentworth Partners selected Rex CRM to scale their business and run day-to-day operations