Digital Prospecting: Helping Real Estate Agents Prospect Online

Rex Reach brings a comprehensive suite of tools that transforms the way real estate agents connect with their prospects. With precision targeting, seamless engagement, brand building, and efficient ad creation, Rex Reach is like having a dedicated real estate marketing agency at your fingertips.

Precision Targeting to Reach the Right Audience

By using advanced targeting formulas, Rex Reach ensures that agents can connect with the right audience such as vendors, investors, first-time buyers, and more, even at the city or postcode level. No more guesswork in advertising; with Rex Reach, you can easily customise your target audience and make prospecting online an effortless process.

Seamless Engagement for More Opportunities

In the real estate business, maintaining a connection with leads is crucial. Rex Reach enables continuous engagement with leads even after the initial interaction. By using strategic campaigns that retarget your database, you can not only reach new prospects but also enhance conversion opportunities.

Empowering Brand Building

Rex Reach is not just about selling properties; it’s about building your brand. Whether promoting your listings, your agency, or yourself, digital ads become a formidable tool to enhance your real estate brand. Market your specialised skill set and stand out from the crowd with Rex Reach planting the seeds for your next sale.

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Quick and Easy Ad Creation:

Time is precious in the real estate industry, and Rex Reach recognises that. With its 37+ ad formats, specifically tailored for real estate, agents can quickly generate effective ads for Facebook, Instagram, and millions of websites through the Google display network. Launching your next campaign is just a few clicks away.

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Say hello to a better way of advertising properties
Say hello to a better way of advertising properties
Expand your property listings' reach with Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), taking advantage of social media and web platforms. Infuse your marketing with strategic prospecting and access thousands of potential clients in your area. Start with Rex Reach today to amplify your listings beyond the usual 2.5 hours of property browsing, and engage the audience during their 47-hour online week.
Say hello to better ways of reaching sellers
Say hello to better ways of reaching sellers
Enhance your brand building and prospecting with Rex Reach, leveraging the power of social media and the web. Whether it's a brand awareness drive or listing promotion, Rex Reach seamlessly integrates prospecting into every marketing campaign, reaching thousands in your area. Get started with Rex Reach today to ensure your brand is always at the forefront of potential clients' minds.
Reach thousands of buyers in your area through Rex Reach
Reach thousands of buyers in your area through Rex Reach
Rex Reach streamlines your real estate campaigns, connecting you with over 90% of potential buyers online. Easily launch targeted campaigns, pull listings from Rex CRM, and standardize your approach for consistent brand exposure. Rex Reach helps you communicate the key benefits to vendors, making it an indispensable tool in your VPA strategy. Get started today to transform your online marketing efforts.
Get better campaign engagement on our exposure focused listing ads with new updates
Get better campaign engagement on our exposure focused listing ads with new updates
Supercharge your real estate campaigns with our exposure-focused listing ads, now enhanced with Intent Targeting for improved ad personalization. Reach the right buyers with greater efficiency and enjoy optimised pricing packages that deliver more and better engagement for less. Get started with our revamped campaigns and experience elevated performance today.
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