Attract more prospects through search engines

Portals cover buyers, but how to attract more vendors? It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if it doesn’t help you put more stock on the shelves. With Rex Websites, you can help more prospects find you by taking advantage of our easy search engine optimisation tools. Easily edit your page titles, headlines and descriptions to improve your site's ranking on search engines, allowing both vendors and buyers to find your agency.

Engage your website visitors

First impressions count! Provide a great user experience with responsive layouts, easy navigable menu bars and advanced property search functions. Engage your website visitors with Video, VR tours and interactive map views.

Capture more website leads

Our customisable form builder allows you to easily add edit and manage your own lead capture forms. Remove friction points, add custom call-to-actions and capture the information you need. Use your CRM integration to apply automated lead nurture workflows.

Analyse audience data and retarget

Integrated website analytics tools capture the data that matters, giving you full transparency over your audience demographics, traffic sources and user behaviour. Understand how your website visitors interact so you can improve performance. Re-engage you website traffic by dynamically retargeting them through social media and the web using Rex Reach.

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