TEAM Estate Agents: Scaling Success with Rex CRM

TEAM Estate Agents, a family-run real estate business, stands out with its strong emphasis on teamwork and seamless service. Under the leadership of husband and wife founders TeeKay and Clara, the agency has adeptly harnessed technology, particularly Rex CRM, to efficiently scale their operations.

Implementation of Rex CRM:

After leaving large corporate firm Coronis to found TEAM Estate Agents, TeeKay and Clara recognised the need for a comprehensive and adaptable CRM solution. Motivated by a recommendation from a respected industry peer, the decision to implement Rex was driven by its user-friendliness and ease of integration, a stark contrast to the traditional “clunky” CRM systems of their past. "When we were looking for a CRM, the main thing was that it had to be easy to use," TeeKay explains, highlighting the need for a system that could simplify onboarding and daily operations.

Organisational Impact:

Supporting Business Growth and Scaling:

Rex CRM has been pivotal in TEAM Estate Agents' impressive growth trajectory. Starting from a four-person team in a basement, they have grown by 400% in five years, expanding to a 21-member team across two offices. TeeKay reflects on Rex CRM’s role in this growth, emphasising its evolving features and adaptability. From the system’s ability to easily onboard and train new staff to streamlining operations with software integrations and features like Rex Mobile, Rex CRM has bolstered their ability to develop a highly skilled team, becoming the operational backbone for both day-to-day activities and strategic growth.

“Rex has been with us since the beginning when we had four people in the basement. Now we have over 21 people. That's 400% growth in the last five years, and we're still powered by Rex”

A Fully Integrated Source of Truth:

TeeKay considers Rex CRM as the definitive "source of truth" for their business operations. Its robust integration capabilities ensure that all business functions, from client interactions to transaction management, are accessible in one place. The convenience of adding information remotely via Rex Mobile enables their agents to adhere to stringent data entry standards. These practices are crucial for fostering client relationships, making informed strategic decisions, and upholding operational efficiency in both of their office locations.

“As a selling principal, Rex is my source of truth.”

Keys to Success:

Nurturing and Coaching Agents:

Rex CRM's role extends beyond operational management to agent development. As TeeKay notes, "We've nurtured agents from no experience to become phenomenal real estate agents." He utilises Rex CRM to track vital KPIs, helping agents align with their goals through reminders and follow-ups, effectively transforming novices into award-winning professionals.

Favourite Features:

  • Reminders: Central to their daily operations, reminders help them manage client relationships effectively and stay on top of tasks so that they never miss an opportunity to improve their relationship with a prospect. Vanesa points out, "Reminders are crucial because they help us nurture our clients."
  • Rex Mobile: TeeKay finds Rex Mobile invaluable for staying on top of relationships and speeding up pipeline progression, emphasising, “One of the key features that I couldn't live without is Rex Mobile. I'm always on the go… and for me to be able to do things quickly, efficiently is very important."
  • Integration: TeeKay praises the system's ability to integrate with other software to streamline workflow, describing it as “plug and play”.
"For us, being able to integrate with other software is crucial and Rex is just plug and play."

Future Outlook:

As TEAM Estate Agents continue to grow, Rex CRM’s adaptability and innovation remain key drivers. TeeKay confidently states, "I feel like we would never need to switch from Rex because it has everything that we need." The commitment to continual improvement and adaptation to the evolving needs of TEAM Estate Agents makes Rex CRM not just a tool, but a partner in their journey.

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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