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PRIME Estate Agency is a boutique real estate agency in Western Sydney, founded by Steven Barkho who is renowned for the personalised service he provides for his clients.

They have a focus on curating innovative marketing and strategic plans for each individual client, providing them with exceptional sales results.

They are a full-service agency that covers all areas needed to create a seamless journey for both buyers and sellers.

“It was really about not just finding something that was functional but also finding something that is user friendly, and Rex is that.”

Steven Barkho, Managing Director/ Selling Principal at PRIME Estate Agents

Finding a CRM you actually want to use

PRIME Estate Agents founder, Steven Barkho was looking for a technology solution that allowed him to run his business in a modern way. He went through the process of trying all of the leading CRM’s but settled on Rex CRM because of usability.

“I tested out five (5) other leading CRM systems, big ones as well ones that have been established for many many years and a lot of people would think they would be the go-to but they did not perform the way that rex did from a usability, user-friendly aspect. ”

Steven Barkho, Managing Director/ Selling Principal at PRIME Estate Agents

When making a decision to change CRM, Steven knew what he didn’t want - another technology product that his team didn’t want to use. The goal was to find a CRM he would want to be in on a day-to-day basis, one that his team would find not only easy to use, but more importantly, that would leave them with more time for dollar-productive work. No more slabs on data or information that couldn’t be understood easily, a solution that works with your business.

“With previous CRM's I’ve never wanted to use them, because they have been so difficult. They all work but if a CRM is not user friendly non-one wants to login in - let alone use it. This one [Rex CRM] is so much easier, it’s interesting to look at. ”

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Rex CRM supports throughout the journey

“The team onboarding me quite promptly... my experience has been great.”

Relationships are so important in the day-to-day interactions of an agent, so PRIME wanted a CRM that shared this sentiment, and valued their customers. At Rex, our in-house onboarding, training, success and support teams work alongside each other to ensure that the experience with Rex CRM is a premium one. Steven has found all of his questions are answered, and the customer service team is contactable and ready to help - whatever the query may be.

“The tech support is wonderful, we hear back within a few minutes, they are very in-tune even from the educational piece, Rex University, which allows us to quickly learn how to do something.”

Interested in seeing how Rex works for multi-location agencies? We’ve got the top 4 reasons or if you want to see how Rex CRM is empowering these agencies through technology solutions with an open API and integrations.

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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