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Handling almost half a billion dollars in sales across 918 listings in 2021 and being on track for 1,000 sales a year, LJ Hooker Property Centre’s Graeme Carmichael states how important it is for agencies to be on social media and reveals how Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) has been critical for their digital marketing success. 

The world of digital marketing has shifted the goal posts for the property sector. Most agencies are aware of this fact, but aren’t getting nearly as much value as they could be from their social media channels. For LJ Hooker Property Centre, Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) was a game changer. 

“Our digital marketing before Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) was non-existent to put it plainly.” 

—  Graeme Carmichael, Sales Manager at LJ Hooker Property Centre

By automating the complex and mind-numbing steps that would usually go into running a full-scale marketing campaign, Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) has helped users like Graeme reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers with just a few clicks.

“What Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) does is takes all of the back end, targeting and ad creation off the hands of our support team and the agents and just provides great results for the vendor and the sales team.” 

—  Graeme Carmichael, Sales Manager at LJ Hooker Property Centre

Smarter advertising

If you are in the property sector, you’re well aware that not every buyer is a serious ‘here and now’ looker. With Rex Reach's (formerly Spoke) targeting capabilities, potential buyers can be exposed to and constantly reminded about your listings.

“It’s targeting people looking in the market now, and it’s retargeting those same people for your future listings as well. So these buyers are always seeing your properties. That’s what marketing should be.”

—  Graeme Carmichael, Sales Manager at LJ Hooker Property Centre

Build life-long relationships with your customers

“Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) integrates with the CRM so it’s collecting all of this data as people are inquiring, and it feeds straight into your database.” 

Although Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) is great on its own, it works even better when integrated with a CRM like Rex. By pairing with a CRM, agencies are able to curate a database of contacts they can market to and create long lasting relationships with.

“The money is in the data.”

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