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With intuitive usability, unparalleled local support, and a mobile app that keeps you ahead, even on the go, discover how Rex is powering more successful agencies.

Why people are switching from Agentbox to Rex

Intuitive Usability

An intuitive system combined with gold class support ensures faster user adoption, reducing time and money spent on training.

Dedicated Local Support

Maximise your investment with a system your team will be happy to use, transforming your data handling into an asset rather than a chore.

Unmatched Mobile App

Never need to switch CRMs again. Rex CRM expands as you do, creating a fully integrated ecosystem tailored to your needs.

Elevated User Experience

Frustrated with systems that fail to resonate with your team? Rex CRM is crafted for seamless interaction, fostering not just learning but daily integration by your team.

  • Streamlined Interface: Tailored for optimal functionality, our interface eliminates clutter, simplifying every task for efficiency.
  • Improved User Adoption: Rex CRM's intuitive design ensures higher engagement and more effective data usage over time.
  • Enhanced Productivity: No more toggling between screens. Rex CRM optimises your workflow, enhancing productivity.
  • Data Optimisation: Rex CRM turns data management from a routine task into a valuable resource.

Unparalleled Mobile Capability

With 90% of CRM functions accessible on mobile, make vital decisions on the move and maintain seamless operations anywhere.

  • Immediate Access to Property Information: Quick retrieval of property details and appraisals.
  • On-the-Go Management: Handle leads, listings, contacts, and inspections anywhere.
  • Effective Buyer Matching: Align buyers with suitable listings.
  • Reverse Buyer Matching: Showcase your database's power to potential sellers.
  • Contract Management: Add, update, and view contracts effortlessly. Full open-home experience: Manage check-in, feedback and follow-up.


of property sold through our CRM worldwide


agency professionals around the world trust our CRM


a day is spent in our mobile app by top performing agents


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Enhanced Prospecting

Transform your agency into a prospecting powerhouse with Rex CRM, packed with tools to foster growth in the real estate arena.

  • Customisable Data Collection: Adapt your data collection and utilisation to suit your unique prospecting strategy.
  • Market Entry Insight: Stay ahead by identifying emerging market opportunities through our dynamic appraisal pipeline.
  • Focused Prospect Engagement: Direct your efforts effectively by pinpointing your most valuable prospects.
  • Consistent Follow-up: Never overlook critical interactions thanks to automated reminders and workflows.

Committed Client Service

Being locally and independently owned isn't just a badge; It’s our commitment to providing the kind of localised expertise and service that sets us apart.

  • High-Touch Service: We don't just sell software; we ensure you get the most out of it. We're there every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing support.
  • Easier onboarding: We maximise your investment by ensuring faster user adoption, reducing time and money spent on training.
  • Dedicated Local Support: Got a problem? Our support teams aren't continents away. They understand local market quirks and provide timely, relevant solutions.
  • Guided Success: Our customer success team is here to ensure you extract every ounce of value from Rex CRM, from winning listings to sealing deals.

Embrace the Rex difference today and set yourself apart in the real estate landscape.

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