Rex Software and Kotini Partner to Streamline Agent Onboarding and Compliance Processes

Rex Software, a leading provider of real estate CRM solutions, has announced its partnership with Kotini, a cutting-edge automation platform, to simplify agent onboarding and compliance processes. 

This collaboration comes as a response to the escalating administrative burden faced by estate agents, particularly in light of the new Material Information Guidance published in November.

With the property industry evolving rapidly, agents are continually challenged to balance client acquisition efforts with ever-increasing administrative tasks. 

The implementation of the new Material Information guidance has further compounded these challenges, necessitating a more efficient approach to onboarding and compliance.

Kotini's innovative solutions seamlessly integrate with Rex Software's CRM platform to automate the onboarding process and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

By automating administrative tasks such as document management, background checks, and compliance monitoring, Kotini empowers agents to focus more time and energy on serving clients and growing their businesses.

"Agents have lots of admin to manage at take on, which takes them away from finding their next client," says Rebecca Greatorex, Strategic Partnership Manager at Rex Software. 

"Our partnership with Kotini addresses this pain point by providing agents with a streamlined and efficient onboarding process. By automating administrative tasks, we're enabling agents to devote more time to what matters most – building relationships and closing deals."

Rex Software's commitment to empowering estate agencies with time-saving integrations and innovative tools, such as the valuation pipeline, perfectly aligns with Kotini's mission to revolutionise agent onboarding and compliance processes.

"We're excited to partner with Rex Software to help agents focus on the jobs that drive their agency forward instead of the ever-increasing admin when they take on new business," says Kieran Witt, Founder and CEO of Kotini. “It’s now possible for agents using Rex to automate their onboarding and compliance in a few clicks."

The partnership between Rex Software and Kotini signifies a strategic collaboration aimed at driving efficiency and productivity for real estate agents. By combining Rex Software's industry-leading CRM platform with Kotini's advanced automation capabilities, agents can streamline their operations and focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional service to their clients.

For further information, please contact:

Rebecca Greatorex, Key Account & Strategic Partnership Manager,

About Rex Software:

Rex is a cloud-based software platform that enables estate agents to manage the property sales process more efficiently. The group, set up 13 years ago, has grown rapidly in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

About Kotini: Kotini is a platform that helps estate agencies save time and level up their client experience when taking on new business. In as little as 60 seconds, through a single branded experience, agents can get their clients to sign their contracts, complete ID and AML checks, provide material information, and more. 

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