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Custom Reporting

Pipeline visibility and follow-up made easy

Feel empowered to own data and use it to gain visibility across your real estate business, examining the efficiency and productivity of both agents and admins. Save time and hassle by accessing easily consumable financial data and business performance insights at a glance. With Rex, you can get actionable insights through interactive Custom Reports, all with fewer clicks. Together, we streamline the hard time-consuming tasks so you can focus on customer relationships and sell more for a higher price.

This optional add-on is available for
Available for
Rex Sales & Lettings CRM
 Starter plans and above.
 Professional and Enterprise plans
 Enterprise plans
It requires an additional initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly fee.
It requires an additional initial setup fee.
It requires an additional ongoing monthly fee.

Empowering UK Estate Agency Roles with Custom Reporting

Getting visibility over your data just got easier. Introducing a compelling set of configurable reports that allow you to customise your agency’s reporting. Load thousands of records at a time with dozens of adjustable columns and the capability to group, aggregate and pivot data. Plus, built-in interactive reports give you the benefits of reporting without having to dive in and create your own from scratch.

For Listers, Negotiators and Progressors

For Admins

For Branch Managers, Owners and Directors

Custom Reports
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When do I use Custom Reporting?

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