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Purpose Built Estate Agency AI

Make more time for action.

Introducing Rex AI purpose built to harness all relevant data in your CRM, enabling targeted outputs that simplify portfolio marketing, enhance communications with your vendors and buyers, and ultimately drive meaningful action from data.

More time

Reduce the admin, simplify your marketing generation and communications.

More accessible

Unlike other AI solutions Rex uses all relevant data in your CRM without a developer.

More action

Enabling you and your team to win and close new business.

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Actionable data at your fingertips

Input questions and commands in everyday language to quickly access data. There’s no need to learn complex query syntax or understand the underlying data structure of Rex, just type what you want and let Rex AI do the work.

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Tailor your customer comms in seconds

Generate ready-to-send customised messages that maintain a personal touch, appropriate for all stages of the customer buying or selling journey.

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SMART PORTAL Content Generation

Marketing ready portal content in a single click

Generate relevant and tailored marketing content based on property features. Rex AI understands the specifics of each property, generating accurate and appealing descriptions that capture essential details and selling points without the manual effort.