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When being private is a winning strategy

November 23, 2021
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When being private is a winning strategy

With the news that yet another privately owned CRM had been bought by the big end of town, Peter Bongiorni, our Head of Sales ANZ was recently interviewed on the topic. 

Here’s his story ...

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the most important decisions a real estate agency will make.

Why? Because customers are at the heart of any successful agency. So, it stands to reason that being able to easily and effectively manage those customers, over the long term, is going to be a critical element on the path to success.

While a good CRM will manage marketing campaigns, enquiries and communication with clients, as well as streamline your account management, a great CRM will do all of those things - but make it easy.

As the last leading privately owned CRM, Rex is in the unique position of being fully focused on its CRM offering, resulting in the continuous development of research-based features, designed specifically for its clients.

It’s those additional innovations that not only make customer relationship management easier and more efficient, but also lead to more listings and more sales.

“Rex is independently owned. Our founders are the primary owners, and are still involved in the day-to-day running of the business." 

“All of our decisions and innovations are made off the back of feedback from our clients as well as market research that involves genuine engagement with our customers."  

“Put simply, we care about our clients. They’re our main priority.”

Conversely, Peter says “a number of Rex Software’s competitors across Australia, New Zealand and the UK either have private equity firms or real estate portals backing them or are publicly listed meaning their priorities are on shareholders and not necessarily product innovation or client satisfaction." 

“We’re focusing on the features for each of our products, and adding value for the client. And we’re doing that in a way that ensures that value can be delivered long term.”

If you ask us, being an independently owned CRM also allows the team to innovate more quickly, so if the market shifted, Rex was able to pivot - fast.

“For example, COVID came along, QR code check-ins became a thing, and we were able to launch a feature associated with that quickly, based on our clients’ needs.”

But perhaps the biggest advantage of all, is being able to maintain focus on the ‘little guys’.

“Some other providers are out there buying market share, giving them larger slices of the pie, but what it also means is that these clients become their main focus and they can’t service the rest of the market at the standard they deserve."

“Rex Software always offers a personal touch, regardless of the size of the client.”

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