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Feature Spotlight: Reverse Buyer Match for Pocket

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We’re pretty excited about this feature – so hopefully you are, too. It gives you the ability to match your listings with real buyers and tenants, using Rex’s mobile real estate app Pocket!

If you’re already using the reverse buyer match feature in Rex – great. You can skip the next few lines. If not, you’re in for a treat…

Most CRMs will help you find houses for buyers. Rex (and Pocket!) also helps you find buyers for houses. Allow us to elaborate.

When you go to an appraisal, add in the property details and – with a little bit of wizardry – Rex will show you a list of all the active buyers in your database who are looking for a place just like it.

But, just in case you don’t carry your laptop around with you, you can whip out Pocket and do it on the fly. This functionality mirrors the functionality in Rex – so if you’re already using reverse buyer matching, it should feel like second nature to you. Let’s walk through it anyway.

Start by tapping on the listing record, then tap the action menu and Reverse Match.

buyer match with contacts

The next step is to choose your match requirements. Do you want to match buyers based on price range only? Or based on all of the information you’ve popped in the buyer match profile – things like property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, suburb, etc? (Side note: this is where having well-populated buyer match profiles really pays off!)

Then, decide whether you want Pocket to search for matches across your contact records only – or all contacts in your agency’s database. Tap Match With Contacts

buyer match

and hey presto! You’ve got a list of buyers interested in buying a property just like this one. Now to send them the listing information.

Simply tap and hold any matched contact, and you’ll notice your list becomes a checklist. Select those contacts you want to send information to (or select all), and tap Continue.

mail merge

From here, you can perform a mail merge to get in touch with these buyers.

Tap either email or SMS. Choose who the email (or SMS) will be sent from, and then tap on the template you want to use. This will be the same template you’d use if you were performing the reverse buyer match in Rex.

Before you hit send, you’ve got the option to edit your emails (or SMS, as the case may be). This is where you can preview your emails, add pictures or documents, a BCC – you get the gist. If you’re happy with how it looks, tap Continue…

buyer match emails

Pocket will then give you a quick summary of the Mail Merge. If any of those contact records are missing an email address (or phone number), you’ll find out about it here. But if everything looks good, tap Send Emails (or Send SMS) – and you’re done!

When you access the contact record, you’ll see a record of the communication in the activity stream.

We love this feature: it shows sellers you’ve got a database of very real buyers that will be contacted about their property as soon as they list with you. Who wouldn’t sign the dotted line?

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