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Avo-munching millennials: everything you need to know about your youngest clients
Gen-Y, Generation Me and Echo Boomers - the fresh-faced, tech-savvy members of our society born bet...
12 Sep 2017
Real Estate Business
What you need to know about Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report
Mary Meeker - an American venture capitalist - gives an extraordinarily comprehensive report on the...
14 Jun 2017
Real Estate Business
'Statement of Information' - consumer law bringing the industry together
If you’re a Victorian real estate agent, you’re almost definitely aware about a certain last-mi...
28 Apr 2017
Real Estate Business
How McDonald's can help you sell more houses
We humans have a hardwired love for consistency. It’s what allows us to understand, predict and c...
7 Apr 2017
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Why aren't real estate agents fully mobile? You need your database on your phone
This week I was tasked with writing an informative little number on the benefits of mobile tools. E...
24 Mar 2017
Real Estate Business
Why you’re losing leads, listings and extra business
Losing even a single lead can be a disaster. You never know how much potential referral and rep...
22 Feb 2017