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New Features
Feature release: simplify your key management with the new key registry
Keeping track of who’s got which key isn’t the easiest of tasks. Until now, Rex’s key registr...
28 Oct 2019
New Features
Feature release: meet the Group App, a powerful control centre for multi-office agencies
If you work in an agency with more than two or three offices, you should be using the new Group App...
24 Oct 2019
New Features
Feature release: the easiest way to watermark your listing images
Exciting news! You can now place watermarks on images you upload to portals, your website and a ran...
15 Oct 2019
Tips & Updates + 1 more
Announcing: Rex University, here to help supercharge your agency
Rex has a lot of powerful features we’re confident you all know and use daily.  But here’s the...
16 Sep 2019
New Features
Feature release: automatic disclaimers for portal listings
Today’s feature release is short, but oh so sweet. What could be sweeter than saving time?  P...
13 Aug 2019
New Features
Feature release: simple, streamlined listing image editing
Exciting news! You’ll no longer need an external program for all your basic image editing needs. ...
6 Aug 2019