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New Features + 1 more
New year, new website
New years is a time of reflection and change - we sit back, take stock, and consider what we’d li...
18 Jan 2018
New Features
Feature Spotlight: Reverse Buyer Match for Pocket
We’re pretty excited about this feature - so hopefully you are, too. It gives you the ability to ...
14 Dec 2017
New Features
Feature Spotlight: Beautifully Branded e-Brochures for real estate
Rex’s e-brochures have had a major update. This hasn’t been a small nip ‘n tuck procedure - w...
13 Dec 2017
New Features + 1 more
Stress-free Christmas cards from your real estate agency
It’s that time of year again. Sleigh bells, shopping lists, fake snow, and…. Christmas cards...
7 Dec 2017
New Features
Feature Spotlight: Pocket iOS search and quick actions
Spotlight integration First thing’s first: what on earth is Spotlight? If you’ve ever pulle...
9 Nov 2017
New Features
Feature Spotlight: post mail from your CRM with CRM2Print
Note: The CRM2Print integration is currently available for Australian customers only. Imagine a ...
18 Oct 2017