Planning for your next digital prospecting campaign

Hi everyone and welcome to another Reach Bite.  In this bite we're sharing some ideas for your business generation campaigns to help you target future sellers.

Before you start rolling up your sleeves and thinking about content - here's some good news.  Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) includes three campaign templates for business generation out of the box:

  • There are two profile campaigns for an agency or an agent - these are super quick to get up and running and are great for lifting your profile / driving brand exposure.  [might be good to consider a super speedy walkthrough while the person is speaking as the visual - if so - this might need to be a little more detailed]
  • Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) also has a just sold campaign to highlight your track record and use your properties to pique the interest of the nosy neighbours - also known as future sellers.

Those campaigns are super simple to set up and can be set up in a few clicks.  They're designed and optimised to boost your profile and generate interest over time.

It's also important to remember that the campaigns you use to market your listings are themselves an important part of building your digital brand or market share in the digital space.   Think of listing campaigns like for sale signs you'd put outside a house - except that your face,  brand and track record are seen tens of thousands of times around your suburb rather than just by the people passing by on the street.

If you've got a specific goal or campaign in mind Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) also lets you create a custom campaign that includes images, a video and points to a landing page as quickly and easily as you would a campaign for a listing.  If you're stuck for ad ideas - we've got some suggestions in the next bite.

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