How Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) helps you target passive buyers

All buyers are the same right? Well they might all have the same outcome, but timings can play a key difference. In this bite-sized session, we’re going to talk about passive buyers.

So, we all know what an active buyer is - someone who’s stuck up their hand and signalled that they’re looking to buy. They’re *easy to find, *easy to advertise to and *easy to engage with.

Active buyers are the ones that are searching the internet, looking for properties several times a day. They’re usually registered to receive alerts when a new property matching their search criteria comes to market, and you’re meeting them at open homes.

But what about that huge pool of buyers hiding just under the surface?  Data [source] tells us that buyers start thinking about property as long as two years before they make the decision to start looking.  And in the time of COVID? Well, virtually anyone would start thinking the grass is a little greener after spending 24/7 in the same four walls.

Your future “passive” buyers may not be flagging their intentions to your face, but they are giving off strong signals to Google and Facebook that they might be ready to buy - and the type of properties they’d be interested in.

Facebook knows when someone stops scrolling for a few seconds to view a video about how to apply for a mortgage. Google knows where they live and work... how long their current commute is. Both platforms have a good idea of their income bracket, and when it changes. And that’s just a start.

Facebook and Google can tap into their huge pool of data to reverse engineer successful homebuyers’ behaviours in the months and years leading up to purchase.

By doing this, they know what kinds of signals people give off when they enter the different stages of the buying journey.

These audiences are dynamic - people move in and out of them all the time. They may find a rental instead, they might have their pay cut - there’s an endless number of potential reasons. But Google and Facebook are on top of it all.

The amazing thing is that this stuff isn’t just for massive corporations any more - you can tap into these audiences too. Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) makes it simple.

Instead of waiting for people to find your listing, you can intercept buyers before they even get around to searching for a property on the portals.

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