Better targeting with digital

In this Reach Bite we'll look at how digital ads deliver better targeting to help stop showing your ads to the wrong people.

The very first newspaper ad was in 1704 for an estate in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Since then, advertisers have been using all the mass media channels to try to grab the attention of their potential customers. The press led to radio, then to TV and cinema and then to outdoor advertising. But, over time, we realised how much advertising spend was being wasted on people who were actually never going to become customers.

Luckily, it’s 2021 and we have a wealth of data and technology at our fingertips. Just a few years ago, you had to pay the major portals to reach home buyers. But now, instead of waiting for them to find your listing on or Domain, you can easily use the Facebook and the Google networks to proactively reach them first.

Before people buy a house, they give off little crumbs online or in other words ‘buying signals’. As people shop, read and watch videos online they give off signals about their location, their interests, their life events, their finances and their buying behaviours.

So, for example, Facebook knows who’s getting married and having children based off someone’s profile or from the pages or posts they engage with. Google knows who’s looking for a home loan, or searching renovation websites. And of course, these networks know who lives in a particular area based off your location settings.

You can use this information to target ads for a particular property towards the buyers most likely to be interested in it. The best part is that you don’t even have to set it up yourself.

We’ve built buyer segments into Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) for you, and we regularly speak to Google and Facebook to learn about online behaviour trends for property buyers to make sure those segments are as up to date as possible.

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke)

lets you refine segments even further to target a specific suburb, town or radius either around your office - or within a particular distance from the property you're advertising.

Using Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), you can target potential down-sizers in Bondi, who buy luxury items online - and you won’t waste any ad spend on young families in Penrith.

It’s a smarter way to get your message to the right people, at the right time.

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