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Recently we posted a blog on Rex’s suggest a feature page – and we thought we’d go into further detail on the Rex hive mind with a quick post about another one of our unifying features: connecting with Rexperts on Facebook.We started Rexperts a few months ago because we thought it would be great if our users had a place to share ideas and discuss their favourite CRM. It’s proven to be pretty successful, with quite a number of users joining and contributing to the group.Unlike our public Facebook page, Rexperts isn’t a marketing tool. It’s a community forum for our users to share how they use Rex within their own agency, and let other users get more out of the system. So far, we’ve seen plenty of great ideas shared – but we still only have a small percentage of our users making the most out of this new space. If you have a killer workflow that’s working wonders for you, why not share it with your fellow Rexperts? You can read other users’ tips and tricks, share features you’ve suggested, and ask other users how they do things in their agency.Now, I can already tell you’re itching to join, so I’ll walk you through the process right now. It’s really very simple.

Joining your fellow Rexperts on Facebook

Please note: You’re unable to join groups with your agency’s page. First things first – log on to Facebook.Once you’re logged in – head to and request to join. Rexperts is a private page, so we monitor who joins to maintain the sanctity and ensure only Rex users can join. Rest assured – if you’re a Rex user, we’ll accept your request without hesitation.Just as a quick disclaimer – this space is not monitored by support. We have staff informally chipping in with their thoughts when appropriate – however support requests should still be sent to’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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