Increase Service Levels with Automated Buyer Match Profiles

We're excited to introduce the automated creation of buyer match profiles. With this new feature, you will save time by not having to manually create match profiles for each prospective buyer that enters your system. Instead, our system intelligently and automatically creates a match profile for you whenever a new listing enquiry lands, an open home attendee is lodged, or an interested buyer is invited to a private inspection appointment.

Using the listing they enquired on or inspected, the system pulls out the important attributes like location, bedrooms, and price and sets them as the match criteria according to your configuration. This means you can focus on selling properties and nurturing your buyers from the first touch point, without worrying about data management.‍

But what about keeping a clean database of active buyers? We've thought of that too. With our auto-archival feature, the system automatically archives match profiles for inactive buyers, so you can focus on chasing active buyers. This feature is also configurable, so it all happens in the background, allowing you to set it up and forget about it.

To get started with this feature, all you need to do is set it up in Settings > Match Profiles & Alerts. Once it's configured, you can leverage the Rex CRM to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers, giving them the attention they deserve and increasing your chances of closing more deals.

Managing multiple buyers and listings can be a daunting task for real estate agents. However, with the help of a CRM system like Rex, it's possible to simplify the process and focus on what really matters - selling properties and providing an exceptional customer experience.

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