Feature release: feedback changes roundup to streamline data entry

Another feedback release? I know, I know. For the last few weeks I’ve been writing about feedback changes like it’s my job. This is for two main reasons: A) it is, and B) we’ve made so many changes to Rex’s feedback functionality Dr. 90210 want to do a special on us.The grand finale of this veritable feedback tour de force is a roundup of all the tweaks, workflows and improvements that we couldn’t shoehorn into other posts. Take notes, Rexperts - we’ll be covering a lot in a short amount of time.

1. Feedback now sorted by date in vendor reports

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Your feedback times and notes are now in chronological order on your vendor reports. This makes for far more structured data, and a far better experience for sellers.

2. Feedback field is larger

Previously, the ‘general feedback’ field was only two lines long. Clearly, this was less than ideal for any feedback greater than three lines – which most of it usually is.To make things easier on you (as well as the addition of [individual attendee’s feedback]), your ‘general feedback’ field is now five lines long – making data entry and editing far less challenging to deal with.

3. Filter for contacts associated with feedback in a particular date range

After a busy weekend of open homes and inspections, the ability to quickly generate a list of attendees for follow up would save you a tonne of time and clerical drudgery. We decided this was absolutely something that we should implement. Now you can use system lists and ‘Go To Related’ to filter for contacts associated with feedback within a particular time frame.

4. All feedback types can be edited from the contact stream

Moving back and forth between the property and contact stream to see and edit feedback is a pain in the rear to say the least. So we’ve made it possible to edit feedback of all types directly from the Contact Record.

5. Add an agent to Enquiry feedback

Let’s say you have a personal assistant or other admin staff that manage your data entry for you. Unless you allow them to log into your Rex account, any enquiries they add are going to be attributed to them. Both in the system, and on the vendor report. Consider this one resolved. There’s a new a dropdown menu to allow you to attribute an agent when adding Enquiry feedback.

6. Date and agent name now load automatically for new feedback entries

Despite the above – we did decide it would make sense to preload a few fields (agent included). Now, when adding feedback, we’ll automatically fill out the listing agent and the date. By default, this will be based on the account you’re using and the day’s date. (Of course, these can be changed if need be). These new ‘minor’ updates are all going to help streamline feedback entry by yet another order of magnitude. More recent feedback updates:

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