Feature release: sync all your contacts with Pocket caller ID

Caller ID

As a real estate agent, you’re always on call. Now I’m going to go ahead and take a guess that approximately 80% of the calls you receive are from random numbers. People you might have met once at an open inspection but never got around to adding to your phone book. Old leads or vendors that you used to have, but never got around to re-adding to your new generation of iPhone. You know the drill.Problem is, as a real estate agent, you also want all your clients to feel like they’re the only one. Even if you’ve only barely met them, or haven’t spoken to them in seven years. You still want to be able to confidently answer the phone with a; ‘Hi, [First name basis]! Long time no see!’Your wish is our command.

Pocket Caller ID

With a little bit of computer magic, your phone can now use Pocket to pull the real name of all those ‘random’ numbers, and show it on screen when you receive a call. Never awkwardly ask ‘who’s calling, please’ again. Any number you have in your database will now be easily identified immediately on call.Gone are the days of having limited contacts. Our older kind-of equivalent of this feature used the CardDAV protocol. Using CardDav with Rex let you periodically sync up to 5,000 of your Rex contacts into your phone. While helpful, the feature would bog down your regular phone book with 5,000 mystery database entries you might hear from once a decade. CardDAV also wasn’t supported on Android. Pocket Caller ID makes it easy to sync all your contacts. You also won’t have to worry about crowding your phone with thousands of names: your Pocket contacts for caller ID are stored in a separate database on your phone that never touches your phonebook, so mum and dad or the kids (as relevant) will never get lost in a sea of names. Another huge benefit of the new feature from Pocket is that Android users who couldn’t use our CardDav sync will now feel the love! Turning on Pocket Caller-ID, is super easy. Pretty soon, you should see this pop-up:

Mobile app caller ID

From here, if you’re on Android hit ‘Enable’ and your setup is finished! For iOS, simply click ‘Enable’, and you’ll be directed to some friendly instructions on setting up Pocket Caller ID. From here, click Go to iOS Phone Settings, then Call blocking and Identification, then flick the little switch. Done. If you already saw the notification, but dismissed it without enabling the feature - you can enable (or disable) the feature anytime from the Settings menu on the Pocket homescreen. That’s it, Comrades. A new world of preparation awaits you. Never again will you blindly enter into a phone call. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. We do not endorse the use of this feature to dodge overly chatty or irate clients. Another major feature brought to you by the team behind Pocket - Australia/NZ’s first full-featured mobile real estate CRM mobile app. More to come so watch this space!

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